Stop Skin Picking: How to Break the Habit of Skin Picking and Effectively Cure Dermatillomania (A. Hart, 2019)

This book helps you to understand and overcome your compulsive skin picking.

“The book provides valuable information about skin picking – why we do it and how to stop it.”

“Great strategies for dealing with both the cause and the habit.”

• Do you want to find effective ways to stop skin picking?
• Would you like to have greater looking skin and avoid scaring?
• How do you even find the root cause of skin picking?

In this book, we’ll address the complexities of the Skin Picking Disorder. Why do people do it and what are the negative effects of the habit? You’ll also find out what separates the Skin Picking Disorder as defined by the DSM-V and the skin picking disorder as an enervating, injurious habit – and whether or not one is actually better than the other.

You will learn about:

– The difference between skin picking as a habit and Skin Picking Disorder.
– Healthy skin picking.
– How to avoid scaring.
– How to overcome the urge and cure the problem.

Skin Picking Disorder, which also goes by the name of Excoriation Disorder or Dermatillomania, is characterized by the repetitive pulling, picking, pinching, or playing with the skin that eventually results to lesions. While this is often viewed as a twitch or mannerism, there are those who suffer from the condition in such a way that it negatively affects their lifestyle to the point where they avoid social and professional advancements due to the shame they feel about their skin.

Whether it’s a habit or a disorder, however, the book opens up about the problems every skin picking practitioner suffers from and how to best beat the urge through systematic approaches that can be done by yourself or through the help of a therapist. From tracing the roots of the problem to administering treatment and continuing therapy and motivation – this book attempts to tackle a serious problem that’s been left ignored by the large community.

As you’ll find – Skin Picking Disorder can be more serious than it seems on the surface, but it’s not exactly unbeatable. Find out the How, the Why, and the When of skin picking solutions.


What Is Skin Picking and Skin Picking Disorder
What Are the Signs of Skin Picking Disorder?
Risks of Skin Picking
Causes of Skin Picking – Why Do You Do It
Seeing a Professional
Breaking the Habit of Skin Picking – Mild Habit
Skin Picking as a Serious Problem
Dealing with Specific Skin Picking Compulsion
How to Keep Your Skin Healthy
Motivation and Helping a Loved One with SPD

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